The McKay Law Office is located at 404 Walnut St. Bunkie, LA 71322--across from the CLECO office (major mid-South utility co.) and two doors down from the Sabine State Bank.

TELEPHONE:  (318) 346-2336 - 24-hr. voicemail

TOLL FREE FOR OUT-OF-STATE RESIDENTS:  888-637-1602 - also has 24-hr. voicemail.

IMPORTANT:  There are fancy sounding "lawyer sites" on the internet, with explanations of various legal questions.  These are written by good lawyers who know what they are talking about, but who speak like they are writing for a lawbook or a legal encyclopedia.  When we talk to you, whether in writing or by telephone, we will direct our answers at your question, in plain language you can understand.  You can also interrupt us or otherwise ask for clarification.  THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND THE SILK STOCKING "ZOOM ZOOM" SITES.

Consultation email: - for your requests for email or telephone consults:  SEE THE DISCLAIMER BELOW.

Office email:  -  It won't be a bad idea to email both addresses.

CAUTION - DISCLAIMER:  If you do not receive a response to your email or phone call, you may not assume that any action has or will be taken or that any liability has been assumed.  Our email and teleconference services are for purposes of providing guidance on what Louisiana Law says and what requirements you need to meet, or steps you need to take, to accomplish your goals.  We will not be, and do not become, your attorney without a signed written contract of employment.  PLEASE FOLLOW UP ON ANY UNANSWERED MAIL OR MESSAGE.  Thank you.