Election Dates

05/14/2013 17:22

ELECTION DATE:  November 4, 2014 (Tuesday!)  -- This is the same date as elections for U. S. Senate, Congress, School Board, District Judge, Ward Marshal and others.

LAST DAY TO REGISTER:  Oct. 6, 2014 -- Come by the McKay Law Office (ph. 346-2336), 404 Walnut St., across from CLECO to complete a mail-in registration form.  We will assist you in completing the form and personally deliver it to the Registrar of Voters for you.  You also may register online at www.geauxvote.com.  You will need a Louisiana drivers license or state-issued ID card.

EARLY VOTING:  Oct. 21-28, 2014 (Sat. - Sat., excluding Sunday)

Felony Record?  We get this question alot.  Yes, you can vote!  What is required is that your sentence must be completely over.  This means no remaining probation or parole, and it applies even if you have more than one prior felony.  Anyone who has not voted in 2 consecutive years has likely been removed from the voter rolls and will need to re-register.

ONE QUESTION we can't answer . . . Why would any adult age 18 or over not want to vote in any election, especially one as big as this one?

HERE'S A BIT OF INFO you may not know:  If you are age 17 and will turn 18 before the next election (which is this one!) you can register now.